I’m filling up from the inside

I feel myself fill from the inside out as I resolve the issues of my past. As I lean and rest into it, I no longer feel like a piece of veneer over a skeleton.

I can feel myself thickening and becoming fulfilled as I’m allowing myself to feel more three dimensional from the inside.

Part of my process used to be employing the art of distraction; kept as busy as I could.

Now I find I’m resting and repairing.

Distraction can be agitating, and…well…distracting. Distracting from what I need to lean into, to sit with, to listen to, and hear with all my senses. The feelings, the lessons, the healing, the becoming of one with myself. 

filling up


One with this Moment

In this moment, the only thing I heard

were the birds happily singing,

The only thing I saw were the leaves gently

swaying on the branches. The only

thing I smelled was the earthy moss

growing throughout the woods. I was

one in the moment with the wisdom

of nature.