What did you find in the shadow-lands?

What did you find in your shadow-lands?
Did you find comfort from your pain and suffering?
Did you feel guilty as you slowly destroyed
the foundation of your life?
Or do the shadow-lands protect you like an armadillos armor
luring you into thinking that you could lumber unscathed
navigating both your inner and outer landscapes?

What happens now that the veil of deceit has been torn away?
Do you come out of the shadow-lands into the sunlight?
Or do you emerge long enough to appear repentant and ready to change
but then slip back into the arms of a chemical romance?

I have never been to the shadow-lands.
I can’t relate to the tangled web of addiction.
I can try to understand, to learn the nuances of a slip and fall.
I can set boundaries, feel the pain, hurt, and betrayal.
I can forgive!

But I don’t think I’ll ever understand why you found
it was worth risking everything you hold sacred
to live in the cold, damp, spider infested shadow-lands.

What exactly did you find?

Photo by Elijah Hail on Unsplash

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