Of Mountains and Unicorns

Under the stars
as the snow gently fell
we came together under a December sky

As the world shut down
we connected and soared
finding laughter, friendship 
and a secret garden of forever love

On a hope filled day
she said, Yes
and our steadfast love took on sparkle

Hand-in-hand we look towards the mountains
together, moving closer 
we see in the distance
that every summit glistens 
with sunrises and sunsets
syncing in an infinite dance

And each morning
after dreams of unicorns and swirling mists
when we open our eyes 
we turn towards, and know it will always be you

©Alexis Rose, image source: Pexels

Dedicated to A & C

Always in our Hearts

As the rain gently falls
we remember those who are 
with us in our hearts

They will always be a part of us

We honor their heart and soul
surrounded by their essence
as we tend to the flowers of the earth

©Alexis Rose, image source: Pixabay


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Since Seventeen

At seventeen the only thing that mattered
was driving our cars, watching the boys
and whispering don’t-tell-anyone secrets
we knew would never be shared

Singing our harmonies, and dancing with abandon
to the sold-out audience of the window’s reflection
candlesticks as microphones
best-friend laughter and coming of age dreams

The twenties bring spouses, children, houses, and change
At first scary, but different, and new
We’ll never grow apart

It happened so quick – those different paths
separated by the winds of change that we didn’t see
our words become sparse and shallow

Apart, we both trust
silently comforted that ours is a friendship
forged in forever-ness
intuitively we know to be patient with the wind

Life settled; together again
the forties knocked on the door
our conversations are deeper and different
until we heard that song
and instantly, the window once again becomes our stage

Another decade has come our way
our friendship once tested
is stronger than ever

We honor the waves of time
and are grateful for being patient with the wind

Her and Me ~ forever friends ~ since seventeen

©Alexis Rose, image by Pixabay

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Turns Out, I Am Enough

I assumed our love would last forever
so I forgave the silence

I gave you space
which became an echoing chasm

I pretended it’s just for now
until I realized this is
how it will be

My heart full as the lush trees
feels sore and thirsting
as if I walked through
the dustiest of deserts with no water

Stuck in stasis
knowing this is the choice I make
for now
a glimmer of hope – was that a smile?
No, it was a grimace

Reality predicts continued silence

I want to hear the roar of the waves
see the sun rise and set
breathe in the air of rugged peaks

I wanted to do that with you
Instead, you chose silence

We both know it’s not the number of words
that creates silence
it’s the elusive disengagement

A ghost
between two worlds
no plan to live or problem solve

I live in the silence
making hard decisions
alone, feeling the loss

Finally understanding
that you don’t share
desires, hopes or dreams
maybe you don’t have them

It was always me that wanted more

Love’s illusion
tricking myself into believing
that time would break the silence
and I would be enough

It turns out that I Am Enough

You were the lucky one ~ You had it all
You left ~ silently ~ Or maybe you’re still here?

©Alexis Rose, Photo by Derek Truninger on Unsplash

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A Tiny Tale of Two Friends

Grace and I have been friends for 41 years. We were roommates for four years, we got married around the same time, our children are fairly close in age, and we have always lived within ten minutes of each other. Although we look nothing alike, when we go out people often ask if we are sisters.

Our story began as two crazy party-all-the-time teenage roommates having adventure, after adventure, which means we have a vault of secrets that we keep safe for each other. A vault with a combination so locked down that it could never be cracked.

Then we settled down. Both of us married, had careers, children, houses, developed interests apart from each other, and navigated the nuances of life. We even collaborated on a beautiful inspirational book. I wrote poetry set to Grace’s watercolor paintings that we printed and sold locally.

As life would have it, both our daughters (who are also good friends) have gotten married within months of each other. Grace helped me pick out my mother-of-the-bride dress, and in turn, I helped Grace find the perfect dress. When we were younger, we never sat around and mused that one day we would be buying dresses for our children’s wedding together. But here we are, 41 years into our friendship and this is where we’re at in our cycle of life.

When we celebrated my daughter’s wedding in April, Grace was there with her whole family.  I was grateful, it was fabulous. I was busy talking to all the other guests but held tight to Grace’s hand whenever I saw her. Yesterday, we celebrated her beautiful daughter’s wedding. Watching my daughter walk in her wedding, and having my whole family with me, I was able to relax and enjoy this wonderful rite-of-passage our friendship was experiencing.

Ours is one of those friendships that have weathered many storms. Not the storms of strife and arguments, but the storms of life. We have been there for each other through great joy and deep sorrow. This past year, we have experienced both. But the joy of watching our daughters find their respective soulmates and marry in ceremony’s that befitted their personalities put a lot of things into perfect perspective.

As Grace and I, alone on the dance floor danced to Beat-It last night at the reception, instead of two middle-aged women, we were  18 years old again, standing in our apartment dancing with candlesticks as microphones using the windows facing the woods as our audience, knowing exactly how each other was going to move and twirl.

When we are old and live next door to each other in the assisted living home, or a tiny house community, blasting Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and all the other bands of our youth, I’ll still look at her, and with a wink and a smile say, “A good friend will bail you out of jail, A best friend will be sitting next to you saying…damn that was fun.” 

image source: google

The Village of Love

It’s okay to just be
in this moment of love
acceptance, respect, and friendship

It’s okay to let yourself feel and give
love, acceptance, respect, and friendship

It’s okay to let someone take care of you
Allowing the village of love to reach out
take your hand and welcome you

Rest as the village feeds you
gives you shelter, and protects you
with a reassuring hand and a knowing
that whatever version of you shows up
it is okay; that you are okay.

The world, our village
shines brighter
as we extend our hand
and welcome you
with love.

My daughter evacuated from her apartment in North Carolina ahead of the hurricane that hit this week/weekend. She had just moved there in August to begin school and had no idea what to do or where to go. She grew up with snowstorms and tornado warnings, and preparedness for those kinds of storms are a lot different than for hurricanes. We didn’t really know how to help, besides wanting to put her on a plane and bring her back home. By the time we looked at flights the prices had increased to a range that we simply could not afford.

Some parents of a friend of a friend, of my daughter’s roommate, offered them a place in their home in Maryland to ride out the storm. They were welcomed with homecooked meals, a room of their own, and tender loving parental care. I am forever grateful for the village of love. For the individuals in this world who provide a safe space, good food, a comfy place to sleep. Their only agenda? A place for people to stay safe as they ride out whatever storm of life they are facing.

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image source: Pixabay






Two brilliant souls, two hearts
Both young, but wary, cautious, careful
They listen to the call of the crystal clear water
Hearing the song of the oceans deep wisdom
it sings, It’s okay to love, trust
and crave togetherness
Soul-Mates finding that each tomorrow
brings more love than yesterday
Forever entwined in friendship, kindness, respect
Knowing the magic and wonder of mirroring
who they really are…Soul-Mates

©Alexis Rose; Soul Mates, for Aria and Gabe, image source: Pixabay