Across The Winds

Many souls and a dog
create a circle of healing

Encompassed with compassion
and empathy
the misted space is safe and authentic

Words, hopes, and dreams
for a gentle life become
more than an inaudible whisper
to the stars in the shadow of the night

Possibilities are endless
in these circles of healing
pain, fear, and anxiety
become breath, gratitude, and hope

Misted crosswinds
fuel safety and trust
a mantra of peace and calm that transcends a cozy space

All take turns as teachers
creating the connections

Many souls and a dog
create the circle of healing
as wide as our universe allows

©Alexis Rose, image source: Pexels

16 thoughts on “Across The Winds

  1. Hi Nancy, I’m so glad to see you were here. I think about you often as well. I’m sorry to hear you have been in the hospital. I was actually thinking about your book the other day.
    I hope you are finding some moments of peace, my friend. ❤️


  2. Hi Alexson, Beautiful piece. I have been in and out of the hospital which is why I have not stopped by or posted. I pray you are doing well. I think of you often. Love you, Nancy

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  3. Awe thank you so much for your message! That means so much to me. 😊
    Im doing okay…ya’ know going through moments of, is this really happening? I have had huge writers block for the past several months. First time in about 5 years, that I haven’t had a word to write 😳! Im hoping that it ends and I’ll be back to posting again soon. I hope you and Yours are well!! ❤️

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  4. Hi Alexis. I’m just popping by to check on you. It’s been a crazy time lately with the shut down and quarantine restrictions. I noticed that you haven’t posted in a while. Hope you are well! I miss your words in my feed. -B

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  5. Another beautiful piece. I hope you don’t mind me pointing this out, because I’d want someone to if it were me, just a teeny tiny typo on the line “a mantra of peace and clam”. I love the hope in this one, it’s definitely needed right now ♥
    Stay safe,
    Caz xx

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