I could longer
because it ate away my soul

I could longer
act invisible
because it eroded my identity

So I learned to
see My-self
accept who I am
have self-compassion
embrace growth and change

I slowly evolved

Now, even on those darkest days
there is light in my soul
dancing in the sun
and hope in my heart
©Alexis Rose, image: Pixabay
Thank you for reading my books: If I Could Tell You How It Feels, and Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph      


27 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Through my poems, I might be seen weak since that is the place where I outpour, but burning into ashes every day can tell me that I have the strongest smile when it occurs. 🌹


  2. Angie

    I love this. This is where I find myself at the moment. Discovering that those things that I hated about myself where the things that made me who I am and that there’s no shame in being myself, is freeing. I know why I am the way I am. A culmination of the way my brain works and my trauma history. Accepting ourselves warts and all can be difficult, but so liberating. ❤

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