Breathless ~ Gratitude

Grateful I learned
to stand up for myself
practiced the concept that “no” is a complete sentence
that spending time alone is okay
and to acknowledge the huge trajectory of health and wellbeing

Grateful I saw
changes in myself
the benefit of setting firm boundaries
and the deep greens, and sky blues of the seasons

Grateful I experienced
the power of saying, “no more”
the stillness of my mind
the ground, firm under my feet
and contagious laughter

With blinders off
every day is a brand new day
hope…on the darkest days
hope…on the brightest days

that when that bolt of loneliness
hits my soul and all I want to do is run
I remain patient, watchful
and resolute in the waves of impermanence

On this cloudy morning
I’m calm with the steady knowing that I’m okay
at peace, enveloped with goosebumps ~ breathless ~ gratitude

©Alexis Rose, photographer, Janet Rosauer
Thank you for reading my books: If I Could Tell You How It Feels, and Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph    

33 thoughts on “Breathless ~ Gratitude

  1. Hi Alexis,
    Did you know that this post is also posted here?

    Did they ask your permission to repost this poetry? I can’t see any credits to you or a link back to your site.

    I was also victimized by the same blog coz they also reposted my article without permission or credits. You may file a complaint here: for copyright infringement.

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  2. When I first learned to say “no”, it was life altering. People started saying that I was stubborn now. But, I know that they just have to get used to my boundaries. At the same time, I learned it was not my life calling to please everyone all the time. My therapist taught me that “what I want matters too.” Nobody ever told me this before. In May 2018, I did a post on saying no that was titled “I love saying no”. You might enjoy it.

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  3. It’s that sense of assertiveness that really stood out for me with this, and the confidence in yourself that you know you can handle whatever you’re feeling. Beautifully written & very powerful  ♥
    Caz xx

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