An Agile Survivor

I was fine
Then it seems I wasn’t

What happened?

Seems I forgot
Then I remembered

Okay – now what?

My quirks began to make sense
to me, my family and friends

Am I irreparably damaged?
No, no I’m not
but there are limitations

They don’t define me
but it’s hard and confusing
to understand what that really means

Acceptance, self-compassion

So now what?

I work on healing
exploring new ways to live
within my limitations

Knowing the skeleton hands
may come and go
stress and health
ebb and flow, sometimes taking away hours
teaching me to notice the gift of perfect moments
of  breath, peace, and exhaled contentment

I wasn’t fine
Now I am – at this moment
I recognize and I’m grateful for impermanence

What happened?

I live the potential
embrace the possibility
and embody compassionate healing

I become who I am ~ who I always was
not broken, not fragile
An Agile Survivor

©Alexis Rose, image source: Pixabay

Thank you for reading my books: If I Could Tell You How It Feels, and Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph      


28 thoughts on “An Agile Survivor

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  2. Alexis you’re very welcome. I’ve missed stopping by. Things are crazy and I’m behind on so many blogs. I’m glad I caught this one. I love it. I’d love to feature it on my Niki Flow blog if you would be cool with that. ♥.

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  3. I absolutely love this and especially the last lines/title. Agile is the perfect word to pair with the word survivor. One adept at tracking and preparing for the tiniest shifts in mood and atmosphere is a symphony of grace. Agile, indeed. ♥.

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  4. We all go back and forth, between the memories, because we’re, still trying to make sense of what had happened to us, and until our minds finish with the back and forth of re-experiencing the traumas of our younger years, we will not be able to stop our minds from running to and from. But eventually, after, you’re, able to deal with what happened to you as child as an adult, things will get better.

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  5. “stress and health
    ebb and flow, sometimes taking away hours
    teaching me to notice the gift of perfect moments
    of breath, peace, and exhaled contentment”……….this touched my heart…….and i understood every word. bless you for sharing part of you.

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