The Brand New Day

I got trapped in the shadow-side
the clouds enveloping me
oozing fingers of the past
creeping along my spine

For months I couldn’t find
the brand new day ~ I drifted
feeling so alone and lonely
grasping white-knuckled
to the real-
to the right now truth of I am not alone

I knew that I was cared-for
as I wept tears of fear, pain & despair
even through the stony darkness, I felt the love
I could hear that I was missed and needed

In the dark, before the dawn, I hear
this will pass~it always does
the voice of a brand new day reassuring me
that it isn’t extinct

Today the dark shade went up, the sun pointed the way
bursting through the tangle of weeds
I entered the garden
which grew out of friendship
trust, and tender care

The delicate petals that hold my secrets
were gently and safely urging
let go, it’s over
breathe in
the colors of peace
It’s a brand new day

©Alexis Rose, image source: Pixabay

Thank you for reading my books: If I Could Tell You How It Feels, and Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph      

17 thoughts on “The Brand New Day

  1. Thank You! I just finished commenting on your post, that I was reading before I saw this. Im so glad we’ve connected. You will find the light. I think we can all help each other on our healing journey. Holding each others hand as we walk this twisty road. ❤️

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  3. Seems whenever I find you again, you’ve written something that speaks to my very heart. Deep inside I know we are kindred. It’s beautiful knowing you are there. Thank you for this. It is perfectly timed as I am trapped in the shadow-side right now. But I too will find the light. I never stop believing. Just some days are harder then others. ❤

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  4. I love the personification of the fingers of the past that creep along your spine, and the use of ‘white-knuckled’ later to make this feel a little creepy; it adds to the sense of loneliness before you counter it with the ‘dawn’, the sense of hope and brightness… beautifully written! 🌷
    Caz xx

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