My Unchained Hands

They took my innocence at such a young age that I dreamed of climbing an apple tree and live like the squirrels.

They took my safety at such a young age that I wanted to live alone by a lake surrounded by cliffs so no one could find me, ever!

They took my choice to have my own interests at such a young age that I cringed when it came time for learning.  

They took my esteem and infused it with shame, humiliation, and embarrassment at such a young age that I wanted to become, and often felt invisible.

They took all those innate things away at such a young age that my ability to have trust, faith, security, self-esteem, hope or “person-ness” was stripped away.

Until it wasn’t!

Now “They” don’t have power over me.

Yes, there are effects from the trauma, but I prevail.

I no longer dream of living like a squirrel hidden high in a tree.
I’m open and free, dreaming of the turquoise sea
wave after gentle wave rocking me to sleep.

The more I heal the happier I am.

And when I lose my footing and start to fall
I reach out and grip the strong hands
of the many who share their strength and love
with a “chin-up girlfriend, we’ll get through this!”

I believe it, I trust it, yes, trust.

My person-ness is in tack
never to be stripped away again.

“They” took me away, I took me back
and when I nod good-night to the stars
and wake to the brand new day
I look at my hands, unchained
and know that I have prevailed.


©Alexis Rose, Image source Pixabay

Thank you for reading my books:  If I Could Tell You How It Feels,  and  Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph

42 thoughts on “My Unchained Hands

  1. Alexis, I am sorry that I am a little behind! I am at a lose for words. I felt every single word deep within my heart and soul.There was so much strength and courage between the lines and I thank you for sharing!

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  3. Inspiring and empowering. A piece that must inspire others to keep fighting and overcome all odds. Your writing just keeps getting better and better. I feel as you are reaching deep inside and sharing the love and scars inside your heart.

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  4. We have the tendencies, to believe whatever happened to us when we were younger was our fault, thinking that, had we done something different, then, what happened, might not have happened, but, it isn’t so, and we have to, keep on telling ourselves just that, to carry on, with what’s already happened to us in life, so we will be able to, find the strengths to move on from what’s already happened, that we couldn’t, change at all.

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  5. Thank you, Ashley. I appreciate that! ❤️ It’s sometimes on my darkest days that I gain more perspective. It must be my ultimate, “hey wait a minute” and Then I can take a step back and see how far I’ve come.

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