Riding the Winds of Change

I experienced a profound and precious moment the other day. My kids are grown and have flown from the nest. They are making their way in the world and creating their own lives as adults with a lot of fortitude and grace. My youngest lives in a different state and is back for a few weeks this summer. From another room, I heard my kids talking to each other at the table. The easy cadence of siblings who had become friends brought a smile to my face. I closed my eyes for a moment and realized that lately, I have been riding the winds of change.

Change is a fact of life. Our bodies change, as do our cognitive abilities. Our circumstances change, the weather changes and so do the seasons. We change our minds, our clothes and our cell phones. Sometimes we embrace change, but sometimes change can feel daunting. The fear of the unknown and the anticipation of what might be can be paralyzing; the feeling of vulnerability can prevent us from moving forward.

But change is inevitable. I have been through an enormous amount of change in the past two years. Some of it was unanticipated and frightening, while some of it has been purposeful and has brought about a sense of freedom and peace.

Typically, when I enter a new decade I think about the goals I want to achieve for the next ten years. I am approaching a “big” birthday in August and instead of thinking about goals, I find myself thinking about what wonderful possibilities will open up in the next phase of life.

As retirement gets closer for some, and we experience the natural cycle of parents and in-laws passing away, the conversations I have with my friends has changed. Sometimes turning to the inevitable health scares we may be experiencing, as we collectively hold our breaths for one another until we hear the results of the test.

And still, many of us, including myself, feel ageless. We feel more confident about our bodies, and claim that confidence with the ease that alluded us in our younger decades. No longer trying to live up to society’s version of what size is beautiful.

I noticed that I’ve learned to embrace my ability to say, “no.” I’m calmer and much more confident in my writing and when I’m asked to speak to groups. I’ve learned to discern what is a fit for me as I continue to help support survivors of trauma and bring awareness to living with PTSD.

Change has brought the gift of new friends and has deepened the roots of long-time friendships. Change provides perspective. It has prepared me to understand when to let go, and when to fight. It has also taught me a great deal about self-respect and self-compassion. Beautiful, painful, and thought-provoking lessons.

I realize that nothing stays constant; there is always change, and that brings a sense of freedom and empowerment. Of late, that freedom has brought a sense of calmness. I’ve realized that part of experiencing a very lived life is catching the current and riding the winds of change.

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47 thoughts on “Riding the Winds of Change

  1. I really enjoyed your article, thanks! My daughter just graduated from college earlier this month so I am in another season of change as her mom but looking forward to all God has in store for us.

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  2. You’re right, change is the one constant thing in life, the one thing we can count on happening. ‘Big’ birthdays can be daunting and drive people towards the negative, so I love your positive approach to it and life and change in general, and how you embrace the possibilities and potential that lies ahead  ♥
    Caz xx

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  3. Thank You my friend! Yes, being happy and striving to live in the moment. Which is why both you and I greet each new day with a nod. Its been a good week. Very summer like-bare-feet and shorts. Days that make me smile.
    I hope you are settled in and happy in your new place. I’m imagining you must feel so good these days.

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  4. Alexis, I am so happy to read about your new outlook with this upcoming birthday.
    I often set the same type of ten year goals.

    I sincerely hope, you first goal and wonderful possibility – be happy.
    That is why we occupy this world for such a brief time. We get caught up in the stress
    of life, the never ending financial demands, laws and rules. So many things pushing and
    pulling us in every direction.

    We need to take time to be happy. When you begin those next ten years in August, I hope you enter the happiest period of your life.
    Be blessed.

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  5. Beautiful. The thought of change often makes my anxiety spike, but you presented it in such a calm and inviting light. Your last sentence is going to stick with me. “Part of experiencing a very lived life is catching the current and riding the winds of change”. Love it.

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  6. Thanks Wendy! It seems I have perspective after a huge triggering event, which is what happened. The calm after the storm kind of thing. I always feel like if I can get some perspective on the good then the next time my symptoms rear their head I can come out of it less damaged. Maybe mental gymnastics, but I don’t think so? The middle of tornado is a hard place to be. I totally understand. With you as you ride out this storm. I think Reinventing and finding ourselves is a gift of healing. Go us!! 😊💕💕

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  7. I’m so glad you feel you have come through the changes of the last 2 years for the better. It’s hard to ride the wind of change when you’re in the middle of the tornado. The last couple of years have brought a lot of changes my way too, some that I thought would be a fairly easy transition turned out to be quite challenging, others not as much. I feel like I’m reinventing myself, or maybe I’m finding myself.
    Yep, I have a birthday coming up too. 😘

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  8. Thats great input. My son lives in St. Paul which I love. I would do better there than Mpls. But we shall see. I can’t imagine it would be for another few years. Maybe I’ll move to the ocean. That would be the dream.


  9. I was born and raised in the City. Well I grew up in Queens which has a suburban feel but I thrive in the City. However I must admit Brooklyn is loud and noisy but it hasn’t bothered me. Worse is the rat problem but New York City has a big rat problem. I spend lots of time calling and emailing the Elected officials for my neighborhood to keep the streets clean and pick up the trash. I’m very persistent and I get results. I have the gift of Activism.

    On plus side since I had to stop driving ten years ago I’m now across from the subway station and near several bus lines. Being close to transportation is vital for me. I’ve made new friends. Good neighbors on either side and across the Street. Plenty of parks.

    The good outweighs the bad.

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  10. Wow!!! Thats a lot of steps. Im impressed! I take dance class, I wonder how many steps that would be after an hour. Im guessing my yoga class is pretty much zero! 😊


  11. What a cool job to get after the museum. It was a tough go for you at the end. Its so wonderful to be able to let go of the beliefs that had us so mired down in the past. I am excited to have travel plans in my future too. My kids travel all over the world. I also started thinking about moving to the city. We raised the kids in the suburbs and I think it would be a cool change of pace to move to the city. Maybe…who knows?!

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  12. Absolutely. Amen. When I turned 60 in February I was Happy sad. A strange combination but not unusual. Obviously I’m happy to be alive and in reasonable good health. But as you said the Passing of family and friends makes one confront our mortality. Seems like during my 50s I was constantly going to memorials, funerals and wakes! Disturbing.

    But it made me more aware of my own health issues battling strokes, High blood pressure and vision problems. But being a determined woman I changed my diet, spent time at the gym, explored healthy food supplements, etc…

    After retiring from the Museum last Year in August I found I needed mental and psychological stimulation, meaning I get bored easily. I must have cleaned the house 800 times between September and December! So I got my current part time job with the Brooklyn Public Library. Mostly I do Community Outreach for the Adult Learning Centers.
    Also a little extra money until I turn 62 February 2021. Once I’m able to collect Social Security that income will bring me opportunities to travel.

    One really great Blessing has been the opportunity to showcase my artwork. Hopefully that will grow even more.

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