Secrets of 1,000 Lifetimes

The secrets of 1,000 lifetimes
lay within those deep dark eyes.
When she sits upon the water
she shares her burden with the
ancient ears of the seas.
Breathing in, she closes her eyes
and feels the crest of the wave wash over her.
She is at Peace.

©words and photo: Alexis Rose

Thank you for reading my books: If I Could Tell You How It Feels, and Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph      



50 thoughts on “Secrets of 1,000 Lifetimes

  1. It is. It stretches for about, I’m guessing 10 to 15 miles. There are hikes and adventure spots on both sides. It’s also on the historic fur trade route so there are historic spots. It’s native sacred ground as well, so there are remnants of that too. In the winter, the ice has methane bubbles trapped in it. Anyway, it has its year round attractions besides being naturally beautiful.

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  2. We used to live in St Louis Park just outside of Mpls. I’m sure you know where it is. 😉

    The reservoir is surrounded by high peaks and parkland. There are mountain goats and you’ll see some big game occasionally too. It is beautiful.

    The ocean waves are very peaceful. I’ve spent many nights near or on the beach.

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  3. Seriously an hour from Mpls? What a coincidence I live in a suburb of St Paul. Its a beautiful state with so many water options, but for me? Hearing the sound of the ocean waves just instantly brings me peace. A glacier fed cerulean blue reservoir sounds beautiful!

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  4. that sounds really beautiful, to have so many lakes to enjoy. The sea has a mythical and magical pull, and just being by the water can be so calming. I understand how happy you feel around it.

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  5. I grew up an hour’s drive from the west coast. We went there often. It was always wonderful family bonding time mixed with a helping of adventure. Later we moved to suburb of Minneapolis and we would visit it’s lakes and take a hike there from time to time as well. We still enjoy the water. It’s still an hour away in the form of a large glacier fed, cerulean blue reservoir. We don’t swim in it though, brrr.

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  6. I am at my happiest and calmest by the sea, in that salty water. Unfortunately I live in the Midwest so no ocean. Although I do live in the state of Minnesota where the motto is Land of 10,000 Lakes so I do get to be by the water a lot. In fact I live in a city with a huge beautiful lake. 😃

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  7. does the sea give you that serenity Alexis? I hope it does for you write this like a daughter of the ocean breeze. Souls travel and share their burdens, this is a lovely comforting thought.

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