Where Do You Get Your Oxygen From?

She is the embodiment
of the questions we pondered
on a sunny afternoon.

Knowing the hype of the
newest workshop and buzzwords
would all have their moment in time
we asked each other, What Comes Next?

What is…
The driver of contentment?
The reason to try one more day?
The song we sing to our inner-self?

With quiet wisdom, and wonderous curiosity
she asked, “Where Do We Get Our Oxygen From?”

Today I danced as if it was warm and sunny outside
As if the world can someday be just, fair and peaceful for All
Believing that alone and collectively we make a difference
to ourselves, our neighbors, and our world.

Smiling huge and with a nod to the snowbirds
soaring above me on this winter’s day
my thoughts went to my teacher, my friend
I thought back to that moment when she asked
“Where do we get our Oxygen from?”

And I answered aloud to that clear blue sky
I get my oxygen from

And I know without a doubt that my friend, my teacher
would look at all who reads/or hears this poem
and ask
“Where Do You Get Your Oxygen From?”

Β©Where do you get your Oxygen From, (A poem for Rosy) by Alexis Rose


46 thoughts on “Where Do You Get Your Oxygen From?

  1. Adebisi Adetunji M.

    So beautifully written Alexis! I like the suspense and then the answer to the question “Where do we get our Oxygen from?” was surprising…I like that loads of things and people give us a breath of fresh air and that nice feeling!

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  2. He’s not anonymous. I know exactly who he is. He’s married with a child. Basically if I could get away with it I’d take a baseball bat to his head and beat him to a pulp. However since I don’t want to go to jail I won’t. However I’m turning off Comments for future Posts.

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  3. Gradually I’m going Off Grid. Getting away from dealing with people. I dropped out of nearly all the various Challenges. Yesterday I had to delete an entire post due to People who like to pick fights online. Read him the Riot Act. Realizing now it’s a great idea for me to walk away and for future posts to block comments.

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  4. Thats a nice list. My husband is a solitary person. It used to scare me a bit that he was such a loner. I would worry about him because it is so opposite of me. But he has taught me he is perfectly happy being a loner. His family is enough.


  5. Well most of the time in my heart. πŸ˜‰
    If you get to Tahiti before me (and you will) you will have to write a poem everyday. When I get there Im playing in the ocean and laying on the beach and talking to the stars at night. Ahhhhhh….someday!

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  6. It is pretty. I went out to shovel a little while ago, after about 5 minutes said, β€œf**k it” and am now just letting it pile up. My dog sure loves it, and it is really cool to see all the deer tracks after they have come to eat the birds food.
    Personally though, I belong in Tahiti living in a little hut by the beach. Thats where my heart and soul would be happy.

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  7. We all have moments we want to give up and give in, but, it’s that sense of not wanting to admit we’d been, defeated that keeps us going on, for one more day, and one more, and one more, at least, that’s what drove me, and we all have different things in our lives that fuel to our wills to keep on going.

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