The past 3 1/2 years of blogging have been wonderful! I never imagined myself as a blogger. In fact, when I first began to blog I really thought blogging was largely about sharing recipes or travel pictures for family and friends. Wow, I was so wrong!  I absolutely enjoy bloggers who share recipes and travel adventures. I look forward to reading their posts and make a point to follow as many as I can. But the range of bloggers and endless topics is an amazing peek into worlds and connections that are priceless.

I didn’t think I would find myself in the niche of a mental health blogger. Maybe it’s not really a niche. Maybe my posts just fall into that category because, besides my poetry, that’s the part of my life I write about; I have the most passion to write about. The truth is, that the community here on WordPress has become a part of my healing journey.

Writing and connecting with so many other bloggers from around the world has opened my eyes to something I feel I know for sure: We want to feel happiness, we want to be seen, and we want to be heard. Whatever that looks like or feels like is completely individualized.

We have a community.  It’s open and it grows and it is inclusive. The country where we write from, the time of day or night, the topics from just a hello, to deep thoughts and feelings are welcome. People are interesting…we may not think we are, but we are! We are also transient.

I found myself thinking about that transience a lot the past few days. We weave in and out of each other’s lives by virtue of a post. We cheer each other’s victory’s, good recipes, beautiful pictures, job searches, and day-to-day musings. We provide support for our health issues, our fears, our struggles, and our disappointments. We write opinions and comments, and “likes’ when we want to make sure that someone knows that they have been seen and heard.

It doesn’t really matter to me if we have been following each other for three years or three days, I find I’m invested. I have a full life outside of blogging, and I’m also a blogger. If I didn’t find a connection, I wouldn’t be doing this. I take the time to read through the posts, as I hope people take the time to read through mine. Sometimes we find a solid connection, sometimes it’s fleeting, sometimes it’s just a respectful read.

I understand the transience of social media and blogging. I understand the impermanence of people coming in and out of our lives. Some of them become our teachers, some of them become cautionary tales, some of them we find are our neighbors and we become friends. It’s a strange and wonderful world.

As I find myself thinking the last few days of bloggers who have passed away or those who have simply moved on to other things in their lives, or the ones who have cried out for help and went silent, I feel a sense of peace. For a moment in time, we have provided each other (whether your following is 1 or 10,000) with a way to be seen, be heard, and to connect.

Thank You to all who take the time to follow me!

Photo by Slava Bowman on Unsplash

Thank you for reading my books: If I Could Tell You How It Feels, and Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph    


30 thoughts on “Transience

  1. I think about the people who have come and gone too. I have slowed down in my blogging a bit and wonder if there is a sort-of life cycle for blogging. I still get so much out of the connection and support we have for each other. Sometimes it feels like we have just had a cup of tea together. 🙂

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  2. So very true Alexis. I would not be able to continue on my writing journey, without the awesome support of the blogging community. Sadly, there are a number of lovely people who no longer blog and I often wonder how they are faring…

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  3. You are correct – the community of survivors of childhood trauma that I have connected with, all the people who share both my journey and their journey of healing with me, it helps. It softens the feelings of isolation. Thank you for sharing – I appreciate your bravery and your candor. We are all stronger together.

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  4. Three and half years wow. But I understand what you mean about this being part of your healing journey. So many times a chance read of a post has touched me, helped me or just made me think differently about something… it’s a wonderful opportunity.

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  5. Your blog posts always seem to resonate with me. They inspire, they empower, they motivate, they comfort, they reassure, they educate, they are thought-provoking, and most importantly, they offer hope. You are truly a gift to the blogging community! 🙂

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  6. Yes, I agree blogging on WP is such a wonderful tool in my journey of healing. It helps me use my voice and like you said if we have 1 or 10,000 followers, it’s so freeing to bring our thoughts to life and not suppress. Thanks for writing freely and sharing your words with us, you are inspiring!

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  7. Alexis, this reflection resonated with me. “If I didn’t find a connection, I wouldn’t be doing this.” What keeps me blogging is the opportunity to give to others – an opportunity for connection. I have enjoyed your blog very much ever since I started blogging. May the healing continue for all of us who seek peace.

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  8. Have been having a similar experience with blogging and the connects established…Keep flowing beautifully Alexis .Congratulations for your 3and half years of blogging on Wp. Stay blessed.And keep sharing the good work!

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