Too Much On My Plate

A large (un)balanced platter filled with

sick family
sick animal
car(s) repairs
creating healthy boundaries
navigating PTSD symptoms
an unrelenting month-long illness

This plate just crashed

I think I’ll reach for a new and balanced smaller plate

©Alexis Rose, Image source: Google Images from source

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40 thoughts on “Too Much On My Plate

  1. Awe Thank You, Alyssa. You are so sweet and kind. I appreciate you so much. Things have eased a bit the past few days and Im extremely hopeful (sure) that times will get better. Have a great evening ❤️❤️

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  2. I am so sorry you have so much stress Alexis. I can truly feel your pain. Stress and anxiety often try controlling my life and it is horrible. All stress does is cause me way more pain. I hope your plate gets better and a lot less. Please know that you my dear are not alone with this and I just wish I had a magic wand to help everyone. Always stay your amazing self and take care of YOU because you are the most important!

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  3. Thank you Brigid. Im thinking the next few weeks will help
    Resolve some of the major stresses or at least shrink them to a manageable size. Some things I just have to let go of. I think being so ill has had the benefit of stopping me in my tracks. I definitely learned a lesson surrounding stress and physical illness. I hope Im a quick learner and do not compromise my health again. 💐

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  4. How about swapping the plate for a bowl with higher sides, and attaching it with velcro to a strap on your hand?
    In all seriousness though, I’m sorry you’ve go so many stresses and things to manage right now. I hope you can break things down into smaller, more manageable issues to tackle, and prioritise the most important (including looking after yourself!) to ease a little of the pressure. xx

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  5. Jacqueline S Zeigler

    I think you may be onto something here. We all should get smaller plates starting around Thanksgiving. And as women we take on all of it. We don’t have to be sponges for the world’s messes. We can choose a smaller plate.

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