I See You ~

Did you sit across from me on purpose?
Yes, yes I did!

I was afraid you were going to see me
I do see you, you are a beautiful light!

I feel like I’m invisible, I want to be invisible
I see you. You are worthy of being seen, being heard!

Do I have to stay strong? Do I have to stay silent?
Your strength is in speaking your truth!

Will it ever get better, will the pain stop?
It does get better, the pain changes. It ebbs and flows!

Is it okay to ask for help?
Yes, it’s important to ask for help. You’re important!

Will I be okay?
Yes, you will be okay…you Are okay!

As I drive away, I spend the day thinking, that one of the most important gifts we can give another person is to be their mirror.

To understand that to be a mirror for someone is not just a concept, but that sometimes a person’s reflection is non-existent. That sometimes our own reflections may be non-existent.

To be lucky enough to engage with a person who at that moment needs to see the essence of who they truly are, to be their mirror so they can see themselves.

Yesterday, a lesson was etched deep into my soul. It is a true gift to be able to say to another person, “I see you, I hear you, you deserve to be here, you matter!”

Photo by Jovis Aloor on Unsplash

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40 thoughts on “I See You ~

  1. I was trying to metabolize the interaction I had after giving a talk yesterday. I kept thinking whats the lesson, whats the lesson. Then it just kind of became clear. Life lessons all over the place sometimes. Especially when I least expect it. 😊

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  2. Oh thank you so, so much Tamara. That really mens a lot to me. You have read my words and my journey for a long time now, so really this lands deep.
    I know of Louise Hay and affirmations but not the mirror work. Im going to look that up. Thanks 😃

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  3. Tamara Kulish

    You have come into an area of light and fullness! Bravo! The work you do now is incredible!! I rejoice!

    Peace, Tamara

    I’ve recently heard about Louise Hay’s affirmations and the mirror work she teaches. Maybe you’re acquainted with it?

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