Just A Poem

I had a dream that I fell.

I grabbed for a plant
and tumbled down
a large gaping hole
clutching at loose vines
screaming your name.

I don’t know if you rescued me.

You were there when I fell
but then I woke up
trying to find the meaning
or the no meaning in the dream.

Would you get a rope
and pull me up?
Would you do what you could
to help?
would you walk away
pretending that you
couldn’t see or hear me?

Is it worth screaming your name?
or should I pull myself up?
Strong and Independent.

Maybe dreams are just dreams.

But there is a small
part of me that wonders
if the safety of your silent world
is all you need
that pretending to neither see or hear me
has nothing to do with me
and everything to do with you!

Thank you for reading my books: If I Could Tell You How It Feels, and Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph    

87 thoughts on “Just A Poem

  1. This poem is how I feel about anxiety. It’s like falling down a gaping hole and you don’t know who’s gonna catch you at the bottom. Also how there is always that one person. I truly loved this!

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  3. dannibooker

    Beautiful poem young lady I love it I am poet my self and I feature other peoples poems on website here on wordpress. My website it fairly new I am still working on it but I would love to feature this on my page if you like just go to my profie and click my website and follow to see my poems and other peoples poems!!!!!!!

    Just remember you such and inspiration to me and everyone else around you.

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  4. Thank you Alyssa. That means a lot to me. Wow, really your feedback means a lot! Sometimes when I sit down and just write like that and hit publish, it can feel so vulnerable. Huge smile and big hugs for you. 😊❤️

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  5. WOW Alexis, this was so incredibly beautiful and very powerful! I am delighted that I was able to read another amazing work of art from you! Your writing is far beyond incredible! Thank you for sharing this as I do always appreciate reading everything you write!

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  6. It does speak so much more about the other person. It’s hard sometimes to come to terms that some people are not able or willing to see when someone is in pain. Some, even make the struggle worse, becoming defensive in their own pain. We should turn more towards each other, instead of away. Thanks for sharing!!

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  7. Jackie

    I’d pick you up. And we would hug. Wonder if that plant came from the plant picture nI sent you yesterday.

    You can lean. It doesnt mean you’re broken.

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