Comfortably Uncomfortable

I am comfortably uncomfortable in this waiting place of whats next.

Feeling the winds of change continue to whisper softly that it will be okay.

Trusting that in the past when I’ve listened to my inner restlessness, I’ve been able to author my own personal growth adventure, instead of stagnantly waiting for someone to tell me that this is whats next for you.

Pressing the pause button so I could slow down, evaluate whats been working for me and what I’ve been doing that no longer fills my cup. Setting myself up to listen to the whispering winds of change. Uncomfortable as that is.

Hearing the words of a lifelong friend telling me the truth, widening the picture for me with the force of dynamite because I had developed a bad case of tunnel vision. Those wise words, love the one your with, seared into my head and heart.

Knowing that it takes a long time to practice acceptance and self-compassion and that each day that I uncomfortably go there, I rewire my active lizard brain, contracted muscles, and tattered soul.

Mindfully taking the time to be active, to rest, to play, to listen, or to just be with no judgment.

This time going through the slow change and growth process is not as scary as it would have been in the past. I have developed patience.

I have learned to trust myself and I welcome the reality that right now I’m living in the waiting-place and contentedly feeling comfortably uncomfortable.


32 thoughts on “Comfortably Uncomfortable

  1. Thank you Alexis… I’ve learned with age that life works in mysterious ways to push us out of our comfort zone and the times I feel most discomfort are often the real life changing moments. A great post!

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  2. I’m at a stage in life where I start to feel a sense of excitement when I feel uncomfortable.. I know it’s leading me to a new path. A lovely post and a great reminder – thank you!

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  3. Well done Alexis for all the compassionate self analysis you are undertaking. It’s difficult! St Francis said “It is in dying to the self (the ego or pseudo soul) that we are born to eternal life.)” Keep on keeping on!

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  4. I could not agree with you more Alexis! I think even though the roads of life do get bump, you will always handle those roads with nothing but grace and determination! I am also so glad we have had the chance to connect. You are an amazing person!!

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  5. I love this deep knowing that you have of lessons of the fire. Either burn clean or learn lessons. Just so wonderfully introspective. Thank you for all you write and for your support. Glad we are on this healing path together. 💞

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  6. Its such a powerful practice to sit with our anxiety and learn from it. It can literally feel to me as though at times I am burning up but when that happens I know I am meant to be in that fire in order to burn clean or learn lessons. It also strikes me that as we are now midway between a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) and Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) this is what is occurring personally and collectively. Great post Alexis.

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  7. Thank You Alyssa. I feel like as long as I stay open to the possibilities that may come it will be okay. The path is always bumpy and not very linear is it, but we keep moving forward dont we. You are an awesome person Alyssa and Im so glad we’ve connected my friend. 💞

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  8. Alexis this was an amazing post that I truly felt! Being comfortably uncomfortable is a special place to be and takes SO much time to get there. You have brought so much to ease my mind with your writing. You are pretty incredible Alexis and I do hope the road becomes easier and clearer for you very soon!

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  9. “practice acceptance and self-compassion” – I hear you my friend. it’s a struggle to not just love our selves but like ourselves. one step one day, uncomfortably but we get there, we will. telling myself it’s ok to not be alright on some days and then start all over again. sending hugs to you dear Alexis.

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  10. This really speaks to me. I’m in that waiting-place right now and it’s so scary. Your writing is like an anchor, grounding me back to a place of calm and reminding me of my own strength. Thank you.

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