Hope is…

Hope is the involuntary breaths I take to live.

It’s always there as I encounter
the obstacles in my path.

With hope, I can conquer mountains.

I know it may be hard and sometimes
emotionally and physically painful
but I can do it.

With hope, I can change
and become who I want to be
acknowledging with compassion the
person I am in this perfect moment.

©Alexis Rose, painting Janet Rosauer

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39 thoughts on “Hope is…

  1. I love the honesty with this comment Sarah. I feel like both the words hope and forgiveness can be complicated for trauma survivors. I know they certainly have been for me. Thank you so much for reading and your feedback. I really appreciate it and YAY that you are on your way to thriving now. Sending huge support.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this.
    There are times in my recovery where it feels like all hope is gone… and then, in the distant background it comes back to me like a beautiful flower breaking through to bloom.
    Blessings to you xxx

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  3. “…acknowledging with compassion the person I am in this perfect moment.” I love this!

    Also, I have selected you to be a part of the “Three Days, Three Quotes” blogging challenge! Here are the rules:
    1.) Thank the person who nominated you
    2.) Blog for 3 consecutive days about 3 different quotes
    3.) Select 3 other people each day to join you in the challenge.
    You can check out my day 1 and day 2 posts if you want to get a better idea of how to participate in the challenge. Happy blogging!

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