The Crystalline Tree

What will happen to the crystalline tree
that sits under the streetlight?

She is glistening confidence
standing beautifully alone
as the cars drive past
not noticing, not caring, not seeing.

When the ice melts do the fairies that live
in the branches come out of winter’s hibernation?
Is that when the crystalline tree will go to sleep?

Does she rest after months of protecting
her roots, branches and all those who use her
as a place of refuge?

Or does she bloom bright flowers
and release her seeds when the wind blows
across the parking lot
creating a dynasty of crystalline trees that take root across the land?

Do the ice fairies light the night sky as fireflies or
do they find their way to the fairy houses in
the gardens in the city?

As we listen to music, talk and laugh the sounds of friendship
I look out the window and wonder
when the touch of mother nature’s hand melts
her branches winter coat
What will happen to the crystalline tree?

©Alexis Rose, image source: Pixabay

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30 thoughts on “The Crystalline Tree

  1. Staying true to what it is, no matter what happens all around, i think, that, is what the crystalline tree is trying to teach the world around it. And that, is something can all, learn from, how to stay who we are, despite how the world turns…

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