A Painted Journey

The painted journey of life
twists and turns with our inner and outer landscape

We travel alongside the footfall of critters,
birdsong, the buzz of insects, human hubbub,
and things laid to waste.

The aliveness of the water, rocks
and sky remind us that our collective journey
is painted with the colors of tranquility,
the vibrant sounds of life, these present moments.

The painted journey of life attends to us.
It strokes our curious minds, our wild hearts
and our tender souls.

A painted journey is in all of us, it’s our life.
It’s both shared and it is solo.
It’s the sacred connection to us all.

©Alexis Rose, image source: Pexels

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18 thoughts on “A Painted Journey

  1. Thank You E! ❤️
    I watched the report on childhood trauma the other might. Brought tears to my eyes. Love that the statement what happened to you, not whats wrong with you. Did you get to watch it too?

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