Welcome to Minnesota: A Primer – Surly Brewing Co.

I live in MN and the world had descended upon us for the Superbowl this weekend. There have been a lot of great things to do in Minneapolis this week, including zip-lining across the river in 8 degrees above zero. Brrr!

We are a special breed here in the frozen north, so one of the breweries kindly wrote a pretty hilarious primer for those visiting MN on this cold snowy weekend. Yep, we talk about the weather around here!

Check out the link for a smile: Welcome to Minnesota: A Primer – Surly Brewing Co.


17 thoughts on “Welcome to Minnesota: A Primer – Surly Brewing Co.

  1. lol – this was funny. I was born and raised in Chicago, so I understand the whole “pop” thing. I refuse to say soda. And I was just in MN a few years ago…was only November, but man was it cold!

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  2. Yikes. I bet it so weird to see snow and ice in Mississippi. Although I think the south got really bizarre weather this winter. Hahahahah…we are talking weather. Sooo Minnesotan. 😁


  3. I’m from Mississippi so we miss most of the winter weather, but when we do get below freezing temps, snow and ice we have to basically shut down the state. We aren’t equipped to deal! Haha

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  4. That’s hilarious! and sooo true!! I was out with a friend today and the red light had no meaning to her tires as we tried to stop. 😯 You just have to stay and calm and say whoa…please stop please stop please stop. And finally we did! 😊❀️

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