Thank You Sally Cafe & Bookstore

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore has added If I Could Tell You How It Feels to their bookshelves.

Follow the link and find fabulous books by a variety of authors. All the books have a link to where they can be purchased.

Thank You Sally Cronin for all you do to support the large author community on WordPress.

Thank You everyone for finding your way to my new book, and for writing the 5 star reviews. Its been an amazing and humbling couple of days.

33 thoughts on “Thank You Sally Cafe & Bookstore

  1. You know…I’m kind of trashed the last few days. Maybe the enormity of getting the book out hit me, now that its available. I think you helped me name it. Thanks! 😊


  2. bethanyk

    What is truly amazing/inspiring to me is that you could go through all of this. Write about it in detail. Then write about the recovery in detail. So that you can change other’s lives for the better by knowing they are understood. That is powerful

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  3. bethanyk

    I just took pictures of the moon and will post them tonight although looks like the big moon with be early morning and I don’t really DO early morning so I guess I will see

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  4. bethanyk

    I want to have everyone who is with someone with PTSD to read it. I will have my husband read it. Maybe it will help him understand me better. This could and will help a lot of people alexis!

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  5. Oh wow. Thank You. Yes, this is completely different. I wanted to write about what its like to live with PTSD for us who live with it and for others who may be interested or love us. Wow, I just cant thank you enough for this feedback! I was having a yucky night and you have totally turned it around. Hopefully you will get to see the big huge moon this evening/tomorrow morning. ❀️


  6. bethanyk

    Your first book was the best book I’d ever read and I don’t want to rate one over the other but this one is awesome on a completely different level. It just ….both really touched me and I felt them deep in my heart. This one though, there is something about this one that really got me. Like I connected and related and I just kept saying YES over and over again. I felt validated for the first time fully ever after reading your book

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  7. bethanyk

    Crying over “I’ve got your back” i dont want to give away any more of your book but it is really really good. I hope your readers will all get a copy. It is so good!

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  8. bethanyk

    That’s wonderful! I have your book on kindle! I have started it, I just cannot read much with my eye the way it is.
    But I will keep on. Your words are touching to my soul

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  9. Thanks! My memoir was really healing because I no longer lived in the shadows quaking in fear if I told the truth. This newest book feels less about my trauma and more about living with this monster we both live with PTSD. ❀️

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  10. This winter weather in New York city has been brutal. Snow, ice and below freezing temperatures so my cat boots are only for the spring and fall. This is Uggs weather. However today right now is 50 degrees. Global warming? Go Figure?! πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ€“πŸ€—πŸ€”

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  11. Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me coming from you. I keep forgetting to tell you, I had ordered the cat boots too and I love them! Not sure how many winters they will last, but so far, so good. ❀️


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