The Waves of the Sky

The sky is a beautiful shade of deep blue.
The puffy white clouds move
at a meditative pace, changing shapes
as they roll overhead.

The waves of the sky.

Gazing at this wondrous expanse
with a seemingly empty mind
I’m quickly brought back to reality.

The reality of my symptoms
The reality of living with PTSD

They return because
just as I was mesmerized by the sky
I was triggered by a long-ago memory.

A memory of that one day, when
I looked to the sky for help
for escape.

Today, as I sit with the unpleasantness of the truth
I know I do not have to suffer.

I’m resting in the power, and knowledge of my truth.

Taking a deep breath
I’ve learned I don’t need permission
to enjoy the perfect moments
I just allow them to happen, like a wave.

I can surf the waves of the sky
just as I can surf the waves of emotion
the waves of life.

The sky is indeed beautiful today
Beautiful, alive, full of awareness and hope.



Thank you for reading my memoir, Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph

Keep an eye open for my new book, with an anticipated release date of January 23, 2018

12 thoughts on “The Waves of the Sky

  1. Love this. My mother struggles to understand why I do often write the ‘dark stuff’, but like your poem we see and weave both the dark and the light. Until people do their work I think it’s hard to understand “we don’t have to struggle’ just because we have ptsd, but we will be triggered sometimes, even when looking at something so beautiful. A validating reminder.

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