Perspective in Minus 13 degrees

This morning when I woke up, I thought about all the things I needed to get done today both at home and out-and-about while also mulling over an invention that came to mind last night, as well as the release of my new book.

With my monkey mind in full active mode, I tried to settle down and set an intention for the day. Setting an intention is something I usually do before I  get out of bed. I grabbed my phone to jot down my to-do list and to check the temperature to see how cold it was outside. I was greeted with negative 13 degrees.

That’s cold! Even for Minnesota, that’s cold! I live in the cities, not in the hinterlands.  My monkey mind immediately stopped, and my intention and my intention for the day became clear. Just Be, Just Stop, Just Sit, Just Rest and Breathe!

I also gained some perspective:  My family and friends are all safe and sound living in homes with working furnaces. Our critters are indoor animals (although, I very much felt for my dog this morning when I let her out). It’s a sunny day, and there is no wind. It will do me a world of good to rest after the busy weekend with my daughter’s wedding.  New Year’s Eve has me taking a thoughtful look at the past year, and with a positive outlook, I welcome the new possibilities in 2018.

Minus 13 degrees can provide excellent perspective.

Disclaimer: Minnesotans tend to have a lot of chutzpah when it comes to weather. We are made of tough stuff living in the north. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few hours when I  brave the temperature and run an errand or two, I hear myself say, “Meh, it’s not too bad, at least there’s no wind, and look the sun is shining.”

Happy New Year! May 2018 bring you health, peace, and comfortable temperatures.


35 thoughts on “Perspective in Minus 13 degrees

  1. Lol! Yep I remember when I was a little kid, thinking “lord I’m hot! Time to wrap the jacket around my waist” and it was only 35 degrees lol 😂😂. Claim to fame indeed! 👏🏼👏🏼. I didn’t think I’d handle the cold all that great, but interestingly enough, I did! It was cold but I dressed for it 😁😎❄️💙


  2. Okay, lets try this again…when ever the weather people say we are colder than Antarctica, it’s like really? Hmmmm, okay, that will be our claim to fame perspective for the day. Now lets go for a walk! 😎
    Im glad you were here last week, such a bummer it was so cold. Its supposed to warm up to tanning weather of 30’s tomorrow. 😄 ❤️

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  3. A-ha! Yes ma’am I know that feeling! 👏🏼👏🏼. I grew up just southwest of there. Full confession: I was a Cake-Eater, in the high school of the Hornets 😉❤️. I was just up there last week! FunFact: it’s often colder there than freaking Antarctica this time of year! ❄️☃❄️🌬❄️

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  4. Advanced Research Technology

    Thanks! Happy New Years to you as well! It’s a warm feeling knowing someone here (on WordPress) is close to my old stomping grounds.

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  5. I just looked at tonight’s forecast. The low here is supposed to be in the single digits tonight, although still above zero. It seems colder though, because 2 days ago our high was in the upper 70s! I have lived in a lot of places and I have never experienced such weather extremes as here in New Mexico. We even had softball sized hail in 2012. That storm destroyed our roof, RV, truck, and all the roofs and uncovered vehicles in town.

    But 13 below…not good. Even if the air is calm and the sun is shining!

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  6. yeh, look at that sun …

    as I sit and watch none of my neighbors stir from their houses today. the big chickens. even “I” went out and about to make a market run and I’m not originally from here.

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  7. Advanced Research Technology

    This post kind of takes me back. We used to live in Saint Louis Park, just outside Minneapolis. Loved living there. It also reminds me of the present as we also enjoy our own wintry minus 13 here in Alberta. The sun is shining. It’s a good backdrop to enter a new year.

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  8. Kerry

    I understand the cold! It was -32 Celsius here this morning. I had to pop to the grocery store and the same thought crossed my mind “meh, it’s not too bad. And the sun is shining.” Hope it warms up a bit for you!!

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