Two Hearts Unite

Today my youngest daughter gets married to her soul-mate. It has been our pleasure to watch these two find each other, settle down, and let themselves feel love and happiness in the midst of their own personal struggles. Even though they are having an outdoor wedding (the expected high is 4 degrees) watching their two hearts unite will warm our insides with joy.  I wrote this poem to honor Aria and Gabe as they begin their new adventure…

Two brilliant souls, two hearts
Both young, but wary, cautious, careful
They listen to the call of the crystal clear water
Hearing the song of the oceans deep wisdom
it sings, It’s okay to love, trust
and crave togetherness
Soul-Mates finding that each tomorrow
brings more love than yesterday
Forever entwined in friendship, kindness, respect
Knowing the magic and wonder of mirroring
who they really are…Soul-Mates


Soul Mates, for Aria and Gabe©words and image; Alexis Rose


Thank you for reading my memoir, Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph

33 thoughts on “Two Hearts Unite

  1. beautiful and sweet poem Alexis for your daughter whom I know you cherish with all your heart and I pray her soul mate will do the same too. I sense your abundant joy and congratulate you on raising a beautiful child. You will still walk with her and she will still want you close. My heart sings with joy reading this happy news.

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