The exhaustion of mindfulness

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40 thoughts on “The exhaustion of mindfulness

  1. Thank you! It is hard to deal with the feelings sometimes isnt it. I was just telling my friend a little while ago, it sure helps to just feel whatever it is so it can pass i stead of judging them. I have to remind myself of that a lot. They are all just passing waves when I think about it aren’t they. 💕💕


  2. justanormalmummy

    Really powerful read! Can relate to quite a few of your words really enjoyed reading when I didn’t have tears it’s so hard dealing with your feelings when you just want to be happy x

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  3. I practiced mindfulness in daily life for more than a decade and my life is a lot different now. I used to be very neurotic, self-conscious, depressed and had all kinds of emotional problems. And I have zero emotional problems now.

    The practice of mindfulness in the right way can never be exhausting. If you end up suppressing your thoughts in anyway or reject a part of your mind in an attempt to focus on your surroundings or body sensations, then it is not mindfulness.

    Because, mindfulness is all inclusive, you also let your thoughts arise and be present to your thoughts. When you are noticing your thoughts non-judgementally as they arise and pass away, you are actually being present and mindful. In other words, mindfulness is a moment to moment non-judgemental awareness of everything that arises and passes away in your experience, including sensations, emotions, and thoughts. It is also important to have a sense of curiosity when you observe what arises and passed away in the field of your consciousness.

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  4. dbest1ishere

    I have such a hard time practicing mindfulness. Maybe that is because I don’t have a mind? I’m not sure but my therapist pushes me to keep trying it and I struggle each time.

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  5. Spot on and so validating. Yesterday I was researching the long term impacts of complex trauma. None of the ‘expert’ articles said it as well as you have here. Exhausted. Yep. Thanks Alexis. ❤️

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  6. That was very understanding and considerate of your son to notice your struggles and talk with you about them! I think your behaviors and difficulties really represent the notion that I have discovered as I age; we are all really adolescents forever inside but our outer appearance changes. At least I feel that way a lot of the time, especially when I feel depressed, stressed or anxious. I’m sorry for your battle but grateful you have support and strategies you use to cope. So many people wouldn’t be able to automatically use mindfulness as successfully as you do. Have a wonderful day!💕🌻 ~Anne

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  7. Tamara Kulish

    It never occurred to me that the practice of mindfulness could be so exhausting.

    My experience of it has brought me peace and happiness where I used to worry. However, I haven’t gone through what you have.

    Thank you for sharing this and explaining how it works for you. Even though it’s exhausting, I’m glad you have this tool, because the alternative is worse to think about.

    I’m glad you have something to help you pull yourself out of the insanity of your past and help you you experience the beauty of your present family and how your son understands you!

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