The Story We Tell Ourselves

Am I enough? Am I worthy? Do I contribute to some greater good?   What impossibly high standard do I still hold myself compared to what I would think reasonable of another person?

What story am I telling myself? 

Will people like me if they really know me? Would they run away? Am I too opinionated or am I not judgmental enough? Am I engaged or is it okay to rest, retreat and just be? 

What kind of please others, what will they think of me kind of expectations do I have of myself? 

Am I aging gracefully, or do my forehead wrinkles and sagging parts make me unattractive? Am I keeping healthy enough or still feeding into the impossible societal standards of weight, exercise, and beauty? 

What kind of pressure am I still putting on myself? 

Am I letting myself rest? Am I finding contentment in my everyday lived life, Am I acknowledging the love I have and the love I give? 

The answer is Yes…

So then what kind of story am I still telling myself? What kind of story are you telling yourself? 

Thank you for reading my memoir, Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph





38 thoughts on “The Story We Tell Ourselves

  1. Thank you for reading. Im sorry you had such a rough day! I am glad that you were able to sign up for WordPress and we connected. There is a very supportive healing community here. Hoping today is a better day.


  2. heidiangi

    Thank you for posting these thoughts. Today was especially rough… and I didn’t know why until I arrived home from work and had an opportunity to think about it. I just signed up for WordPress a few minutes ago. Now, I know why I finally chose today. The reason was for me to find your post. I must ask myself these insights every day… to ensure I keep moving forward with my healing. Thank you…

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  4. Thank You! Its so interesting that just yesterday I felt I was the only one telling myself these stories/questions and 24 later relieved and fascinated that is is our human condition. I would love to be able to pinpoint the moment we begin to believe we are not worthy enough. Thank goodness we are capable of growth and change. 🙂

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  5. careerdoover

    I feel we all are asking ourselves these questions daily (in one way or another). thank you for sharing in a way to encourage us to explore ourselves and our minds. And it is ok to question, but to also know that we are worthy of it all!

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  6. Sheesh! All of this, at one point or another, has been a part of my story. It just dawned on me that we can’t let each other just be, because we don’t know how to let ourselves just be. Thanks for this Alexis.

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  7. I’m not sure either so it’s great to ask the questions which is one of the things I love about social media. It’s allowing us to break down stigma and remove barriers in ways that previously weren’t possible. So helpful to know we’re not alone. I hope you have a great Monday too. 🙂

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  8. Thank You E. yes, these questions were running rampant this weekend as I was really and truly enjoying the summer weather. I wonder if it is trauma related or if people with no trauma feel this too? More women than men? Im just not sure. Thank You so much for your comment. I really appreciate it. Have a great Monday. 😊

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  9. I’m pretty sure it’s my forehead wrinkles running off friends in droves. Haha. This is great. I wrestled with similar questions this weekend. It’s led me to wonder if certain traumas remove inherent self worth and whether there’s anything we can do uniformly or individually, to restore our sense of wholeness. Helpful reading as always.

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  10. Cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate this comment. This is one of those publish, dont publish, no one will relate stomach turning writes. Hahahaha…thats the story I told myself as I hit publish. Thank You so much for sharing that you ask yourself these questions too! 😊

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  11. tarnishedsoul

    oh my gosh this is so incredibly deep.
    I ask myself questions like these quite often and I always come up with answers that are not conducive to well-being. I’m working on changing that, but sometimes it is tough.

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