Therapy Ends; Now What?

27 thoughts on “Therapy Ends; Now What?

  1. We talked about it for about 15 months before actually ending. It happened pretty organically. Plus I know that I can always go back to therapy should I need it again. I have a fabulous support system and I have my therapists voice in my head telling me Im safe, Im okay. It took some time to figure out how to be in the world without therapy 3x a week, but I have figured it out. My friend put very eloquently to me. He did his job beautifully by giving me all the tools I need (8 yrs 2 months) and now I have to use them and learn to accept and live with my PTSD illness. Sometimes its easier than other times. Does that make sense?
    And…I really miss it sometimes too.
    Thank You so much for sharing with me.
    Have a great weekend. 😊


  2. I have realized recently that I have probably learned all my therapist has to teach me. It didn’t really take this long for her to teach me, but it took me a long time to learn. Now I (mostly) remember to use them, even if I sometimes don’t remember immediately. So I have also started to think that maybe I am also approaching the point where I don’t need therapy much longer. Yet I feel reluctant to let go of her. Her office is a safe, accepting space. I don’t have anywhere else that feels the same, not even with my very loving, understanding husband. Were you afraid to let go of that attachment? Do you have others in your life who will listen to you if your PTSD rises up to bite you in the face?

    I so admire the courage it must have taken to walk away from therapy and hope you continue to feel strong in your ability to cope.

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  4. ptsdparenthood

    Wow, you are amazing and brave. I am terrified of that day when it comes, but that is the goal, and you should feel incredibly proud of yourself for getting there.

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  5. Thank you so much. You brought big tears to my eyes! 😊 Its a different way to be, weird but oddly okay. And you are sooo, so right, help is just a phone call away when we need that extra support. Have a great evening G in Oz. 🌈😃❤️

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  6. You are AMAZING, well done. You probably can’t quite imagine how much I respect your effort & courage… I hope you move smoothly into this new chapter, while feeling as safe as possible with all your tools & support. Therapy is always just a phone call away, & has helped me on & off for 25+ years; some of us need that extra assistance, & that’s fine with me: the world can be a very harsh place. May you enjoy the warm sun on your face every day, best wishes, G in Oz 😊

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  7. I still have so many fears, but after 8 years 3 times a week therapy, I think I can try to use the tools in my tool box. Plus, I know that if I need to in the future, I can have therapy again if I need it. Summer, I live in HUGE fear that my PTSD will get the best of me. It is a tricky illness with the kind of triggers that both you and I face every day, and especially at certain times of the year. I think one of the most disappointing things I have had to accept the past month, especially the past few weeks is that, my therapist said, I am still unable to work, I can’t go more than two hours without symptoms, and that I have to contend with triggers constantly. I’m so glad you are in my life. You and I have the kind of trauma that sets us apart in a huge way. I’m by your side and I know you are by mine. Love to you my dear friend…enjoy the peace of your vacation this week. xx 🙂

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