A Metamorphosis of a Healing Journey

The topic of transformation, metamorphosis, growth, change, (insert whatever word works for your personal journey) has been front and center for me lately. I like to bring up the things that are hard to talk about. Most of us want to grow and change.  It’s hard, no one said it was going to be easy. But rarely do people talk about the absolute pain one feels when emotional wounds get ripped open in order to process, heal and grow.

It’s a lonely journey because no one else can go inside of you and heal those wounds or take away the rawness.

You have to be the one to do it. However, it certainly doesn’t have to be an “alone” journey. We can find therapists, support groups, friends, family, books, even blogs so we are surrounded by the support we need. In fact, I think it’s imperative to find people who absolutely “get it” and can relate with empathy when we are in the process of transforming, and becoming the person we want to be.

It doesn’t have to be a shattered past that motivates a person to grow and change. Growth and change are important to do for the rest of our lives. Some people may find themselves in a spiritual crossroads, some people may find themselves feeling empty after years dedicated to a career, and some people are simply unable to feel content, knowing that there is some road not yet taken that is calling for them to explore. Whatever the motivation, the transformation to a new way of being from the inside out is painful and sometimes scary.

I have said to a few people, that I believe if we could interview a caterpillar as they transform into a butterfly and ask them, how it feels, they would tell us it is excruciatingly painful. They are completely changing from the inside out. The end result is beautiful….Butterflies are beautiful!

I know what I had to do in order to heal the wounds of my past. I knew what I wanted my internal life to look like, and I made a commitment to myself that I was going to do it. I wasn’t prepared for the loneliness of the journey.  But that’s okay with me. I understand it, and I want to talk about it. No one can fix it, it’s part of the deal.

When I felt that pain of loneliness, I remembered why I chose to dig up the past, process what happened, understand my PTSD, find others who are also on a healing journey, and remind myself, the metamorphosis of a healing journey begins when you accept who you were, who you are now, and who you will be.


©Alexis Rose, photo: Shelley Bauer


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20 thoughts on “A Metamorphosis of a Healing Journey

  1. Oh, this is so true, my lovely 🙂 Healing is by its nature a metamorphosis, and it’s definitely a participatory sport (as opposed to a spectator sport) ❤ Thank you for writing this post. I'm fixin' to go on another healing journey of my own, and this was *really* timely!! Mwah ❤

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  2. Thanks for your honest thoughtful words. Being a transformer myself, I wonder when I’m making something hard or difficult or when I’m labeling the situation as that but it really isn’t. I think caterpillars just change, no pain. They know it is their nature. What may cause them pain is the resistance to it. I think we humans don’t get yet that it is our nature to change and heal. It is unnatural to stay the same. When we realize it’s our nature to change, we do so more willingly. We allow it to happen. The same thing with emotional healing. Our emotions are supposed to move thru us. They provide us with information. When they stuck they are more painful than when they flow thru. My experience has been that hurt with resistance to feeling it feels worse than the hurt. It doesn’t mean I don’t resist….I still do it. Until I change my mind…

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  3. Thank YOU for sharing this. I love the idea of impermanence. It helps on those days when it feels like Im fighting into the wind. I know I cant be guaranteed it will all be sunshine and rainbows, but we are guaranteed it will be different. I love the Persian, Arabic & Hebrew writing. So beautiful. ❤️


  4. Thank you for helping me in my journey. Today I learned the Origins of the Saying. This too Shall Pass. After all these years hearing it in church and as a Gospel song today I learned something else. Gives hope.

    “This too shall pass” (Persian: این نیز بگذرد‎, Arabic: لا شيء يدوم‎, Hebrew: גם זה יעבור‎) is an adage indicating that all conditions, positive or negative, are temporary.

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  5. You’re so right! I think we’ve all experienced the pain of trying to changing and having to unearth parts of our past that may be difficult, but it is about doing it with people who support, understand, empathize, and encourage you along your journey.

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