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Here is another great post from Jason about blogging, how to connect to others, and how to grow your blog. Check out this post and his blog:

HarsH ReaLiTy

People often ask “where are the bloggers?”

Where are they not? Bloggers are annoyingly everywhere and you have new platforms popping up every day. Here on WordPress most bloggers find new blogs off the WordPress “Reader” which works off tags and active posts. People then subscribe to sites and add those people that they like (me) to their personal reader. There is always an active stream of posts pushing through WordPress everyday through the tag system. There is someone this minute, this second writing an introduction post onto WordPress and hoping someone reads it and responds.

That’s what I did for three years, responded to people, and why my numbers are decently high for a personal blog. Once you’ve established connections you have to form it into a network if you are hoping to grow. A network takes some type of system of communication or connection that keeps the network…

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