They took my innocence at such a young age that I dreamed of climbing an apple tree and live like the squirrels.

They took my safety at such a young age that I wanted to live alone by a lake surrounded by cliffs so no one could find me, ever!

They took my choice to have my own interests at such a young age that I cringed when it came time for learning.  

They took my esteem and infused it with shame, humiliation, and embarrassment at such a young age that I wanted to become and often felt invisible.

They took all those innate things away at such a young age that my ability to have trust, faith, security, self-esteem, hope or “person-ness” was stripped away.

Until it wasn’t!

Now “They” don’t have the power over me they used to have.

Yes, there are effects that resulted from all the trauma, but I can and do actively get help to work through them. 

I don’t dream of living like a squirrel hidden high in a tree. Now I dream of living in a beautiful beach house on the ocean, in Tahiti, surrounded by family and close friends. Tahiti, ahh, Why not? It’s my dream.

I love learning. The more I learn the happier I am. In fact, I can be quite the trivia aficionado. Why not? It’s not so serious and there is nothing political about it.

I don’t venture down the shame spiral very often. And when I do, because a lot of us do, I reach out to supportive people in my life who get it and stop the shame cycle.

I have learned to trust (most of the time), I have a sense of my spiritual self, lots of hope and my person-ness is back. Never to be stripped away again.

“They” will never take my power or my truth away from me…ever again!





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Thank you for reading my memoir, Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph

37 thoughts on “They

  1. I will always admire how you do this Alexis. Bare your soul, with no pretense or excuse, this was what it was and now you are who it has made you. I wish i could reach out and hug you , you know. My inner most being reaches out to you through the words you have sent to me.

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  2. Oh that makes me sad and mad. I know Amazon does that sometimes. When I questioned it once they gave me some rote answer. So frustrating. I really, really appreciate you giving Untangled 5 stars and a review. Personally it means so, so much to me!! Take good care this evening. 💕💕

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  3. I have no idea why or who removed it.

    I gave you 5 stars and it was a very positive review.

    It kinda sucks because I barely knew you and I bought your book, read it in one day….was very supportive of it on your blog.

    You asked me to review it, so I did. Then I was reviewing my purchases from last year and when I clicked on your page, the review was gone.

    It’s no biggie, just bummed. I’ll get over it. Anyway, take care, you. 💙

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