Inner Landscapes

An inner landscape is a life you lead inside of yourself; a place no one else can go unless invited. Although it looks different for each of us, all inner landscapes have this in common: they are a place of refuge. If you look deep enough, you will be able to find the images in your mind of your inner landscape; your own place of power and peace.

My inner landscape is multi-dimensional and serves more than one purpose depending on how I need to restore, rest, empower and breathe. One part of my inner landscape is a field of flowers. That’s where I go when I need to feel at peace. It’s a place where I can rest and restore my inner resources because I feel safe and protected there, with very little noise coming from my busy monkey-mind that tends to nag at me during the day.

Mostly my inner landscape is peaceful, warm and sunny; although, I also have a cliff I go to that is rugged and barren. There in one leaf-less tree there with a few wisps of grass growing up around it, but otherwise it is bare. The cliff is jagged, gray and very rocky with the sound of a turbulent sea splashing thunderous waves against the rocks. That’s the inner landscape I go to when my life is stormy and I’m dealing with challenges that I’m not quite ready to confront.

When I’m there, I hear my inner voice of self-doubt, self-judgement, and shame. It’s a place I go to when I know I need to look at things about myself that are comfortably uncomfortable but I’m not yet ready to change. I sit on the edge of my cliff and listen to the water crashing up against the rocks. Even though it is a place I go to when my life is stormy, I love my rocky cliffs and the crashing water that surrounds me.

My inner landscape is different from my happy place. My happy place is where I go to help me face the typical stresses of daily life. Sitting in a traffic jam, going to the dentist, standing in a long line sends me to my happy place. That quick take a deep breath to stave off the frustration place that we go to. My inner landscape is a place I go to for reflection. A place where I go deep inside of myself.

Can you visualize your inner landscape?





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10 thoughts on “Inner Landscapes

  1. I love this idea! I usually just get quiet but creating an inner landscape would get me there quickly. I do need one when driving behind slow drivers. This makes me nuts!! It’s my problem not theirs but creating an inner landscape where I’m canoeing along a river bank would fit the bill. My intuitive self, healing self loves this idea. The words comfortably uncomfortable…ain’t that the truth. Thanks for this moment, I’m very excited about this idea. No pressure. This is my blog about inner voice/intuitive voice that has been guiding me like your landscapes!

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  2. Thanks for the reminder. Although my landscape appeared during a meditation and visualization, appeared before a movie came out, the best description is the scene from the movie ” Contact” where Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) meets her dad “on” Vega.

    For me it is my Papa John. Thanks for the post.

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  3. Linda, this is a honestly beautiful response. I love how you let yourself go there and recognize both the terror and skipping down the sidewalk part of your inner landscape. We are made up of so much, aren’t we! Love to you today!

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  4. Can I visualize my inner landscape? Interesting question. When I first tried to imagine my inner landscape just now, I thought “NO! I don’t want to go there!!” — because I have been feeling so much turmoil lately. Although the turmoil is only intermittent, not constant, thank goodness, still — ugh!!

    But I persisted, and suddenly, to my surprise, a mental image of the Pharrel Williams “Happy” music video popped into my mind. Specifically, one brief part of it, early in the video. There is a woman with a lot of reddish blonde hair holding a small white poodle in her arms and skipping joyfully down a sidewalk that is lined with beautiful shady trees and tidy looking homes.

    Yes — except for the intermittent moments of stark raving terror, that is me and my Scrappy Poodle. 😀

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