When do You Listen to the Truth

The truth is a terrible wonderful thing.

Once you know it, can you deny it?

 So many times I have denied the truth.

The truth about my past, my life, of who I am.

When do you listen to the truth?

When do you listen to your gut?

When do you listen to that voice that tells you

that even though things will be hard

and the unknown is terrifying

the benefit in the long run 

is peace of mind, peace in your soul, rest for your body.

When do you listen to your truth? 


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15 thoughts on “When do You Listen to the Truth

  1. I think we all face our truths when the time is right for each person. Its usually a painful process when facing trauma so its important to go slow and like you said face it in digestible pieces. 🙂

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  2. I believe our truth comes to us in digestible pieces at the moments when the universe and our minds are able to face it. I can’t help but wonder though why some of us avoid truth and others embrace over time…I once read that the facts are always friendly even if the facts include facing our trauma story.

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  3. It funny I was thinking this morning how now in my life I am so aware and awake in my body. I feel my body talks to me all the time with feelings and I wonder if I would have developed that if I hadn’t had really severe PTSD and body trauma in my life. Its so important to connect to our truth and our guts.

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  4. Ann E. Laurie

    Love this. I grew up in the land of denial (alcoholic family). How difficult it was to navigate through life. Then throw in the freeze of PTSD and the numbing of meds, and I was like a robot, Now, thank God, I feel everything and listen to my gut. It sure hurts sometimes, but life is so much easier. Plus I get to feel joy now!! Have a great day.

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