The Mirrors in our Life

This past year has been a time of change. Some of it wonderful, healing, inspirational. Some of it sad, disappointing, shocking, leaving me stunned. That’s the beauty of understanding impermanence. Things change, everything changes and we change with it. Sometimes it’s been easy to let go of things, with a nod to the experience, other times it takes me months to process, understand, and accept. Sometimes the changes have been quite personal, other times on a national or global level.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned the past year is to acknowledge the mirrors in my life. Sometimes these mirrors were the ones that ripped the mask off and exposed the person I didn’t want to be. Discontented, bitchy, clinging to things that no longer serve me, or trying to please people who try to control me, leaving me feeling less worthy. The other mirrors, the ones I gravitate towards the most are the ones who reflect back who I want to be, who I am without any masks. The person I have been working hard to become, losing the shame, the perfection, letting go of the control and coming from a place of love and altruism. Both of these mirrors have been important in my life.

Another most important mirror I need in my life is the mirror that reflects my struggle with healing from trauma.  Sometimes the loneliness and pain from managing my PTSD symptoms feel unbearable. I ask myself what am I doing and why? I have to watch that I don’t go down the slippery slope of denial and convince myself, that my life was easy when I had my memories repressed. I was living an inauthentic and never be vulnerable life. It was awful, I was miserable on the inside. The only thing a mirror reflected back at that time was fear, shame, terror, and a vague sense of invisibility.

I’m happier now with the kinds of relationships that being both vulnerable and authentic has brought me. I no longer have the people in my life who want me to act a certain way, act accordingly, hide any emotion except happiness.  I have kept some wonderful stood-the-test-of time relationships and formed new ones who are my mirrors, and I am theirs. It’s reciprocal and that brings a feeling of contentedness.

Some days, its still a lot easier for me to be someone’s mirror, then to accept the goodness that they reflect back to me. But I’m working on it.

When I get down, and the exhaustion of healing begins to get the best of me, I stop and acknowledge the wonderful mirrors in my life.

When I need reassurance on those really, really bad moments, I ask,  “What am I doing?” and hear mirrored back to me“Healing.”




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43 thoughts on “The Mirrors in our Life

  1. A beautiful post. You reminded me of the song “Mended”. Part of it goes like this:

    “When you see broken beyond repair
    I see healing beyond belief
    When you see too far gone
    I see one step away from home

    When you see nothing but damaged goods
    I see something good in the making
    I’m not finished yet
    When you see wounded, I see mended”

    May you continue to heal. ❤

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  3. I wonder if you would agree to be featured in my “Small Steps Up Mountains” post next Monday? I would like to include links to “Why I Write,” ” With Hope I Can Conquer Mountains” and “The MirrorsIn Our Life.” I know you already inspire many people with your writing. Many thanks.

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  4. shellb39

    Thank You! For being so honest with yourself and reflecting this on to me and so any others! What is in one is in another, the good, and the not so good! Recognizing this in my self has opened me to seeing the light in people. Tiny cracks that shine through their tough exterior walls. In this connection of reflecting I believe our mirrors, whether conscious of them or not we are shining our strength and goodness into the universe! Hugs to you dear friend! I love this post! 💕💖💕 Shelley


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