Happy Birthday to my Son

With the promise of the next generation 

his sweet cry announced his arrival into the world. 

Our hearts melted with that first look, touched by his innocence.

Welcome little one; You, our continued legacy 

will be surrounded by love, warmth, and support

for a life with endless possibility.

©Alexis Rose

( Happy Birthday to my son, Cody. He isn’t a baby anymore but our hearts still melt when he walks into a room)




photo: pixabay




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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Son

  1. Poignant, touching poem. Happy Birthday, Cody! No matter how old they are, they will always be our babies. Ever notice how the look in their eyes doesn’t change? I always see the child in my adult children’s eyes.

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  2. Jacqueline Zeigler

    I thought of him this morning when I woke up. He hasnt seen me in a long time, but please give him a hug for me. He has always been a joy to watch him journey through life.

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