Guest Author: Alexis Rose

Thank You C.M. at for having me as a guest author today.

C.M. Blackwood

Hello, all! Today marks the first entry in our September Spotlight: A whole month of fascinating interviews with marvelous indie authors!

Today, our special guest is Alexis Rose.


  1. Everyone has a story about why they love to write. What’s yours?

Writing came into my life purely by accident. I had never written anything more than letters or birthday cards, until six years ago. A friend of mine wanted to know what it felt like for me living with PTSD. Because it’s such an invisible illness, she was at a loss on how to support me. At the time I was unable to verbalize what it felt like to anyone, let alone to myself.   I went home, thought about what I would like to say, and I wrote my first poem. After showing it to her, with tears in her eyes, she told me I had to start writing. I showed…

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