They took my innocence at such a young age that I dreamed of climbing an apple tree and live like the squirrels.

They took my safety at such a young age that I wanted to live alone by a lake surrounded by cliffs so no one could find me, ever!

They took my choice to have my own interests at such a young age that I cringed when it came time for learning.  

They took my esteem and infused it with shame, humiliation, and embarrassment at such a young age that I wanted to become and often felt invisible.

They took all those innate things away at such a young age that my ability to have trust, faith, security, self-esteem, hope or “person-ness” was stripped away.

Until it wasn’t!

Now “They” don’t have the power over me they used to have.

Yes, there are effects that resulted from all the trauma, but I can and do actively get help to work through them. 

I don’t dream of living like a squirrel hidden high in a tree. Now I dream of living in a beautiful beach house on the ocean, in Tahiti, surrounded by family and close friends. Tahiti, ahh, Why not? It’s my dream.

I love learning. The more I learn the happier I am. In fact, I can be quite the trivia aficionado. Why not? It’s not so serious and there is nothing political about it.

I don’t venture down the shame spiral very often. And when I do, because a lot of us do, I reach out to supportive people in my life who get it and stop the shame cycle.

I have learned to trust (most of the time), I have a sense of my spiritual self, lots of hope and my person-ness is back. Never to be stripped away again.

“They” will never take my power or my truth away from me…ever again!


Thank you for reading my memoir, Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph




15 thoughts on ““They”

  1. Im positive you will get to that place. Its a long road and never linear. I still struggle, its just an easier struggle now. Im glad we have a community of survivors on wordpress that we can cheer each other on. 💜


  2. dbest1ishere

    I truly hope someday I can be as strong as you are. I am still struggling on how to even accept what happened to me…it is all so new and scary

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  3. there is power in knowledge and clarity and both go together. dearest Alexis …no one can take that away from you, the power you have in your mind over your heart and the knowledge that you own in your brain….your strength always amazes and inspires me!

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