Acknowledge our Teachers

Acknowledge and be humbled

by the teachers we have 

along the way.

They give us our strength

to spread our

wings and fly. 









©Alexis Rose words/photo


Thank you for reading Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph

5 thoughts on “Acknowledge our Teachers

  1. Yes, I absolutely agree with the toxic people teaching us something. It is different for me, than the word “forgive” which is a whole other topic in itself for me. But acknowledging what lesson they have taught me, as well as the wonderful less painful teachers that have appeared in my life, has been a good way to continue healing. Thank You so much for feedback. I really appreciate it! Have a wonderful day today! Alexis


  2. Benevolent_Son

    No matter how painful my past experiences have been, I would be lying to myself if I ignored the fact that some of my greatest teachers have been the most toxic people and things I have ever come into contact with personally.

    I do not hate that which has caused me suffering, pain, and misery because it is impossible to live a life of peace in that state of mind. But I am thankful that which harmed me ultimately showed me how not to treat others.

    Good poem and thank you for sharing. Many blessings!

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