New Beginnings

New beginnings as we spread our

wings at that small University

across state lines.


With wonder in our eyes, we met

by the coincidence of picking our

seats in the same class.


Hanging out, having fun

little kisses and lots of laughter

as we found a friendship 

that was the beginning of our relationship. 

The beginning of serendipity. 


College ends, each of us follows

our path of choice, collecting life experiences. 

Excitement, adventures, growing pains, heartbreak.


Two people synchronistically making

memories separated by a continent

but coming closer together. 


A chance message on social media.

A coffee date that leads to

rekindled friendship. 

Both mirrors for each other, finding comfort

finding understanding, finding

true love.


One year later, going back to the classroom

in the small University where it all began.

The question asked, the answer Yes…


New beginnings. A future filled

with love, respect, friendship and adventure.

This serendipitous new family of two

that will grow and change

forever bonded, forever in love. 












words and photo: Alexis Rose in honor of the engagement of my son and his beautiful bride-to-be.


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