We Possess the Courage

We possess the courage to climb

the summit, sail the sea

look into the sands of the vast desert

wish on a star twinkling

in the summer night sky

and run through the field of flowers

with abandon. 










©Alexis Rose, photo: Shelley Bauer


Thank you for reading Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph



10 thoughts on “We Possess the Courage

  1. Thank You Caroline. Yes, facing the ttauma is difficult. My hope that however people get to the place of being able to look the beast in the face, that we all eventually get there. Have a wonderful weekend! 😃 Alexis


  2. You are so right in this poem – it does take a lot of courage to overcome PTSD and the trauma of our pasts. The hard way is to face the trauma and work through it until you come to other side and are more free of it. The easier way is to hide the trauma through alcohol and drugs and coping strategies that do not really tackle it.

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