Inner Landscapes

An inner landscape is a life you lead inside of yourself; a place no one else can go unless invited. Although it looks different for each of us, all inner landscapes have this in common: they are a place of refuge. If you look deep enough, you will be able to find the images in your mind of your inner landscape; your own place of power and peace.

My inner landscape is multi-dimensional and serves more than one purpose depending on how I need to restore, rest, empower and breathe. One part of my inner landscape is a field of flowers. That’s where I go when I need to feel at peace. It’s a place where I can rest and restore my inner resources because I feel safe and protected there, with very little noise coming from my busy monkey-mind that tends to nag at me during the day.

Mostly my inner landscape is peaceful, warm and sunny; although, I also have a cliff I go to that is rugged and barren. There in one leaf-less tree there with a few wisps of grass growing up around it, but otherwise it is bare. The cliff is jagged, gray and very rocky with the sound of a turbulent sea splashing thunderous waves against the rocks. That’s the inner landscape I go to when my life is stormy and I’m dealing with challenges that I’m not quite ready to confront.

When I’m there, I hear my inner voice of self-doubt, self-judgement, and shame. It’s a place I go to when I know I need to look at things about myself that are comfortably uncomfortable but I’m not yet ready to change. I sit on the edge of my cliff and listen to the water crashing up against the rocks. Even though it is a place I go to when my life is  stormy, I love my rocky cliffs and the crashing water that surrounds me.

My inner landscape is different from my happy place. My happy place is where I go to help me face the typical stresses of daily life. Sitting in a traffic jam, going to the dentist, standing in a long line sends me to my happy place. That quick take a deep breath to stave off the frustration place that we go to. My inner landscape is a place I go to for reflection. A place where I go deep inside of myself.

What would your inner landscape look like if you could describe it?










13 thoughts on “Inner Landscapes

  1. My inner landscape is as widely varied as the sea of my emotions. From tropical islands where I bask under the sun to ice castles near the fjords of Norway, from the high mountain deserts of New Mexico to the clean forests of northern Michigan, it’s where I must retreat to in order to restore my soul.


  2. Ann E. Laurie

    I love this!

    The one I go to most is a forested area with a clearing on a beautiful lake. I have a very detailed house there where all my soul parts live, doing exactly what they want to do. They feel safe and happy. A lot of times, there is music. One plays the piano, plus I invite musical artists! I meet my spirit animals there and deceased family members and friends. There is a room in the house I go to when I have trouble sleeping.

    The landscape offers everything. Beautiful nature, the shade of a forest, a sunlit clearing, a beach, water. It’s a place to find peace, to rest, to find counsel, to talk out things. I love it.

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  3. This really interests me. I realise that this kind of metaphorical imagery is so much easier for me to connect with my feelings that literal words. Like you say, the landscapes are varied for me too.

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  4. My inner landscape is a field with flowers, with a beautiful view on a sunny day. A lake to look at too while at this inner landscape. The other can be a sandy beach with the sea. The feeling of sand between my toes.

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