Secrets of 1,000 Lifetimes

The secrets of 1,000 lifetimes lay within those deep dark eyes.

When she sits upon the water,

she shares her burden with the ancient ears of the sea.

Breathing in, she closes her eyes,

feels the crest of a wave wash over her

and is at peace.

©Alexis Rose

surfer girl

photo: from google images

10 thoughts on “Secrets of 1,000 Lifetimes

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  2. Thank You for your wonderful feedback. You have been through quite a struggle and worked hard to work through your challenges. SOOO, glad you are living in a serial killer free zone. I totally understand what you are saying. Ugh, PTSD! I wonder if someday, I will be on the otherside of it. Im glad we connected! Alexis


  3. A very evocative enigmatic poem. I also have PTSD either from birth as I almost died as I was born and was born epileptic then almost died of a fit when I was 2. Or because of watching ultra violent horror films as a young child and then being threatened by my mother. At 13 before I started drinking and using I was searching everywhere for serial killers under the bed, in the wardrobe the shower room and bathroom, planning hiding places and escape routes from the serial killers. This disappeared when I started drinking. Then after I got clean I got obsessed with serial killers again even searching for them in the cutlery drawer! Although I was clean I had had no effective treatment for the PTSD so it caused me to have a nervous breakdown when I was 9 years clean. I went on medication which really helped the PTSD and then had EMDR trauma therapy which really brought the PTSD into recovery. Now my house, which even recently I would be searching in all kinds of strange places for serial killers, is a serial killer free zone!

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