Our Painted Journey

Our Painted Journey – A Story of Two Friends

My friend Grace and I have been friends for 39 years now. We were roommates for 4 years, we got married around the same time, our children are fairly close in age, and we have always lived (except for 4 years) within ten minutes of each other. It’s one of those friendships that have weathered many storms. Not the storms of friendship, but the storms of life. We have been there for each other through great joy and great sorrow.

Our husbands don’t socialize, we don’t have the same circle of friends, and we really don’t have the same interests. She is a go-all-the-time, keep busy, bowling, art class, Vegas kind of girl. I’m that chill, sit on the beach, talk about big stuff in life, walk slowly through the woods kind of girl. Yet, in spite of that, we remain the best of friends. We even collaborated on a beautiful inspirational book  a few years ago, and at the end of the editing process still remained best friends. Grace is a talented watercolor artist. With her painting and my poems we put together a beautiful book, that still touches people today. I use many of those poems in my blog, but she is internet shy and doesn’t want her paintings on the internet. And you guessed it,  Grace is not her real name.  Grace is the name she chose when I asked her what she would like to be called in my book when I was writing Untangled.  The name fits her perfectly.

We get together every week (when she is not in Vegas) and usually go out for lunch. Lately, the people at restaurants ask us, “are you, two sisters?” When we say no (we look nothing alike) they are always a bit shocked. When they hear we are not sisters, they can’t believe it. Yesterday, Grace asked me, “why do they keep asking us that?” I told her that we have been friends for so long, that we look as comfortable as a comfy pair of slippers or shoes that people long to put on their feet at the end of the day. Maybe a weird analogy, but it’s what came out of my mouth at the time.

So to honor the two of us and all the sister/brother friends out there in the world, I give you Our Painted Journey, A Very Short Story of Two Friends.

Once upon a time when both boys and girls had long hair that was parted down the middle, and rock and roll was very, very good, two girls met while working with little children who had big needs.  For the past 39 years, they have never strayed from being best friends. One day, the universe conspired to have them take a Painted Journey. With magnificent paintings and poignant words, the world would get to experience what emerged from years of friendship, creativity, and mutual inspiration.

This journey became a lovely book with people commenting on how the paintings and words complement each other in a way that touches their heart. Grace and Alexis will continue to honor that conspiring universe and together welcome all to come with them on their painted journey of friendship, love and respect. 

It’s a friendship for the ages, and when we are old and live next door to each other in the assisted living home, blasting Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and all the other bands of our youth, people will still ask if we are sisters, or perhaps they will simply say to themselves, “look at those two, they  have been friends for so long, they remind me of a happy, well-worn pair of comfy, soft slippers.


picture courtesy of pixabay

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