She Wrote a Book

I’m really excited to share a link to my first podcast interview. I was interviewed by Lena Anani, for her She Wrote a Book series.

Here is the topic: Alexis began her remarkable healing journey in 2009. Still struggling with PTSD she understands the long and winding path of recovery and hopes that with Untangled, others will recognize that any improvement on their journey is reason to celebrate.

Have a listen, it’s only about 14 minutes long.




19 thoughts on “She Wrote a Book

  1. Thank You so much for first listening to the podcast, and second your feedback. Really, this means so much to me. It’s been hard to come out of the shadows but when I hear others can relate, it makes it all worth it. Thank you!


  2. Annette Rochelle Aben

    Enjoyed your interview. I have to say, I was smiling when I heard you mention about comparing trauma to trauma. I know there is a story in me and I have always hesitated to talk about it because I have heard of those who have survived much worse. Thank you for your words of wisdom! ❤

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  3. I hope so too. Thanks for listening to it. It was totally unedited…hence the part where I say..”listen to me stuttering.” but that’s my personality right out there on the interview. Maybe I’ll get a book sale out of it. fingers crossed! I’m so excited to be part of your book promotions. I will do what I can on my end to keep promoting your service.


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