Wisdom at this moment in time


Today I think to myself how would I describe wisdom if I were asked. To me, wisdom is the ability to be present.

The times where people have said to me “you are wise” it was only because I was responding to them in a fully present state. I was listening to what they were saying both verbally and nonverbally. I wasn’t thinking ahead to what I was going to say next, I wasn’t distracted by the noises that were external or internal. I was simply able to hear what they were saying and/or asking and respond in a way that was thoughtful and respectful.

Staying present is one of my most frustrating and biggest challenges. I think a lot of people,  especially those of us who have been through trauma would say that staying present is a constant work in progress. I, however, besides the normal monkey mind we all contend with, also experience the challenge of climbing out of the vortex’s of the past, that pull me away, sometimes many times a day.

I think as time goes on, I am able to be present more and more. I notice the birds singing outside the window, the wind blowing, the noise of kids playing at the nearby playground and the sky. I love the sky!  It’s paying attention to the present that keeps me in the wise place I want to live in.


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