Pondering my Personal Legend

A personal legend is who you want to be. Everyone is the author of their own personal legend and gets to choose how you want to be in the world. It’s about choices and being proactive rather than reactive. It’s about aligning your personal values and beliefs with your actions and your words. I have thought a lot about what I want my personal legend to be. The struggle to find it has become a question/answer period I have with myself. Is my personal legend to learn to live with my eyes wide open? Is it about knowing the past and accepting without forgetting so I can become my version of complete? or is it a metamorphosis of who I was, who I am and who I will be? Maybe it’s all three! As I think about how I want to spend my life and who I want to be, I am guided by a more mature and spiritual self because of the time spent in personal reflection. I love that self-discovery can be a way of life. I want to live my life, fully alive, with my eyes wide-open and the blinders off. To me, that means speaking, listening and learning from a place of truth. It means discovering the wonder of life and acceptance of my life and what it has to offer. It means not getting in the way of who I am, and instead letting myself be who I am, without my ego reminding me of the should haves, did not’s, or can not’s.  My personal legend is definitely a work in progress and probably always will be, but for me staying with the truth and living with my past is worth the work.

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